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Colorado has been launching and growing sector partnerships for over 11 years through a framework that fosters industry-driven alignment across economic development, workforce development and education. The state has invested in regional, public-private partnerships targeting key industries that are vital to our regional economies. Important work is done throughout the state at these industry-led, public partner supported shared tables.

Since 2017 the Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership has been bringing together private tree care companies, municipalities, suppliers, and educators to strengthen the industry and increase the safety and quality of tree care throughout Colorado.

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What we're working on right now

To sustain and grow the newly launched HIGH QUALITY, SUSTAINABLE, and EFFECTIVE, Arborist Apprenticeship Program in Colorado

To provide an avenue for Colorado’s Tree Care Professionals to connect with one another in order

To facilitate the perception of arborists as high-quality professionals, with training and competencies worthy of a


Stay abreast of the most recent events and initiatives of the Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership, and impacts to your business and industry

Congrats to Colorado’s newest Arborist Journeyworkers!

First Cohorts of the Arborist Apprenticeship Program graduate to Journeyworkers

A partnership started in 2017 between the Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership and Front Range Community College has resulted in

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CO Arboriculture Apprenticeship Program feat. on Discovering Forestry podcast

Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership Josh Morin spoke to Joe Aiken & Korey Lofy of the Discovering Forestry podcast and talked about the Arborist Apprenticeship Program in Colorado.

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CO Tree Care Chair feat. on TCIA Podcast

Josh Morin, the Chair of the Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership Leadership Team has been featured on the TCIA Podcast and speaks on “Our Relationship to the Industry”.

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What are people saying?

The Arborist Apprenticeship program has been an extremely informative experience for me. After completing just year one I feel more knowledgeable and comfortable in completing day to day tasks. A major benefit is its ability to slow down specific training opportunities in a way that isn’t always possible in the fast-paced work environment that is the tree care industry.”

- Tyler Williams, Tree Top, Inc. Apprentice

The Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership has supported our company to implement a Registered Arborist Apprenticeship Program.  This in turn has raised the bar and created opportunities for growing our employees and hiring new employees. The partnership has become a great  way for us to use our resources together and to engage our industry as a community working to solve our common challenges.

- Josh Morin, We Love Trees

I’m investing my time into the partnership because it’s elevating tree care as a profession and creating much needed growth in the available workforce industry wide. This directly benefits our company’s ability to hire quality employees and uphold our pledge to be better arborists.


- Randi Grady, Tree Top Inc.

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