For Apprentices

Interested in a career that allows you to work with your hands, spend your days outside, and learn a physically rigorous and exciting trade?

Get paid to become a certified arborist! This three-year program totals 6,000 hours of training, across multiple skill sets related to the arborist industry, 440 hours dedicated to classroom style learning, and the rest of the time spent on the job under the mentorship of a Journeyworker!

The first step is to become an employee of the business who’s program is the right fit for YOU! Not sure where to start?

Click here to find out if the apprenticeship program is right for you.

Click here to find out if you’re eligible by contacting your county’s workforce center.

Click here to find more about the Arborist Apprenticeship Related Learning at Front Range Community College

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Interested in being involved in pre-apprenticeship? Check out The Park People’s Treeforce Program, launching August 2022. For more information, contact

For Employers

Are you one of the many tree care companies and municipal forestry departments in our state experiencing the challenge of finding high quality entry level job candidates that are aligned with our industry and profession?

By offering entry level candidates the opportunity of Registered Apprenticeship we show them a career path and process to become a skilled, knowledgeable professional. All this while earning a solid wage that increases with skills and abilities and at the end of the 3 year Apprenticeship they have a transportable credential that is recognized around the nation by organizations looking for employees to hire.

You are already training your new employees. Take the steps to become a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor and expand your recruitment potential. Not sure where to start? Contact us here or join us at an upcoming Partnership Meeting and we’ll answer your questions and get you started along the registration process.

Click here to find out if the apprenticeship program is right for your shop.